I had made plans, dammit

I had made a great plan for myself and then life promptly kicked me in the ass.

Needless to say, those plans had a bit of a wrench thrown in them by my slowly adapting to the new meds I’m on for my various issues. The ADHD meds have given me enough blocks that I am having trouble writing again, and of course it happened right as I was planning to put nose to the grindstone and bust out three novellas in 9 months. As of right now, They’re being pushed back with the release of the omnibus being aimed for halloween of next year. On the original plan, the omnibus was meant to be released in July of next year – but I’m less than 10 days from the first planned release date and I’m nowhere near ready with the first story’s complete second draft. At this point in time, I should be formatting and getting the cover finalized, and I’m absolutely not ready to even say it’s a solid draft, much less a complete one.

I’m worried that my writing creativity has mostly dried up with the adhd meds, whereas my artsy creativity seems to have fully reappeared. As such, I have actually started poking around in photoshop again and I will be thoroughly honest, I’d forgotten exactly how much I love to do that sort of thing.

As such, I have started a redbubble shop, and I can be found at https://www.redbubble.com/people/amdevine – I make a lot of moons, and text based things, though I am about to start getting into geometric patterns. I am looking into a zazzle shop as well, though Zazzle’s uploading system is a piece of shit, and it’s really hard to tell what the hell the products are while you’re trying to set them up for sale.

Website Update!

First: I fell off the earth again. I know. I’ve been trying to get some medical things taken care of and it means I’m having to be a bit more careful with my sleeping windows and they got really buggered for a while. I’m hoping to get back to more routine updates here in the next couple of weeks or so, but:

Second: Oh boy! A website update! And long post ahead, fyi.

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Holiday, Feburary, Year of Writing Update

Happy Valentine’s Day, even though it is a day late. (YAY! HALF PRICE CANDY DAY.)

Okay, so Feburary hasn’t been that good of a month for me on writing.

I’ve literally been in a downswing on the mood all month, and haven’t felt like doing much of anything. Unless I’m hopped up on an energy drink.

So I drank one at the beginning of the 13 hour shift that I have tonight, and so far I haven’t felt my usual round of hyper-crazy. This saddens me a little, but I think I know how I’m going to get shit accomplished this upcoming week.

I’m 19k words behind on Feb alone. YTD, I’m nearly a month behind (right around 40.5k, to be precise). And that’s not even counting those days where I wrote but didn’t reach word count. *sighs* (ew. I just added in those days, and I’m more like 52.5K behind. Ew.)


Massive amount of text behind the cut guys, I’m sorry. You really don’t have to stick around for it all, I promise. (This is mostly a “hey, I am alive and here, mostly” sort of post.)  Read more “Holiday, Feburary, Year of Writing Update”