Underwater Metropolis

A story that was initially written back in NaNoWriMo of 2010, Underwater Metropolis is Author AM Devine’s, writing as Athena Devine, first break from her usual habits of Science Fiction or High Fantasy. Underwater Metropolis is regarded as urban fantasy.

What is the Underwater Metropolis?
I’m afraid I can’t fully answer that without giving away a great deal of the book itself.


What’s it about?
.     Underwater Metropolis is a story that initially starts out as being set in a small university that happens to have a world renowned archaeologist as one of it’s professors. Elijah Reichs is a German born UK citizen who keeps risking his credibility as an archaeologist by looking for something that the rest of the world’s archaeologists believe is a pipe dream. What they don’t know is how right he really is.
.     21 year old Arena Saunderson gets accepted to the university Reichs teaches at, and uses it as an escape to get away from her overly controlling family in the United States. Once she’s away from her family, dreams that have haunted her for most of her life come back with a vengeance, giving her one of the most valuable clues to that which Reichs seeks. One problem, when the University closes for the down seasons, Arena either has to go home to the United States, or work full time just to stay in the country.
.     Vlad and Integra Regio are the owners of the university’s local watering hole, a cafe known as The Round Table. They seem normal by outward appearances, but it quickly becomes apparent that they’re as important to the search as Arena is. Revealed to have a personal connection to that which Reichs seeks, they help to unlock the mysteries of the ancient past to help bring the truth to the present.


Official Summary:
.     Arena Saunderson is a normal 21 year old college student, or so she thinks. Professor Elijah Reich is one of the best Archaeologists in the world, and he’s onto something that can change how history is perceived. Together, they’ve got the best road map to an ancient society and civilization that was nearly wiped out two thousand years ago. Vlad and Integra Regio are the owners of a local cafe known as The Round Table, and by day they seem quite normal; however their time is running out, for they are the Rulers of this ancient Society and it’s not going to be much longer before they are returned to the stasis that their people are held hostage in. Run with Arena and Professor Reich as they race against time to help this ancient Civilization break free of the bonds that were placed on them over two thousand years ago; and as they work to stop it from happening again.