Holiday, Feburary, Year of Writing Update

Happy Valentine’s Day, even though it is a day late. (YAY! HALF PRICE CANDY DAY.)

Okay, so Feburary hasn’t been that good of a month for me on writing.

I’ve literally been in a downswing on the mood all month, and haven’t felt like doing much of anything. Unless I’m hopped up on an energy drink.

So I drank one at the beginning of the 13 hour shift that I have tonight, and so far I haven’t felt my usual round of hyper-crazy. This saddens me a little, but I think I know how I’m going to get shit accomplished this upcoming week.

I’m 19k words behind on Feb alone. YTD, I’m nearly a month behind (right around 40.5k, to be precise). And that’s not even counting those days where I wrote but didn’t reach word count. *sighs* (ew. I just added in those days, and I’m more like 52.5K behind. Ew.)


Massive amount of text behind the cut guys, I’m sorry. You really don’t have to stick around for it all, I promise. (This is mostly a “hey, I am alive and here, mostly” sort of post.) 



I also haven’t managed to get anything together for the beta readers, or for a proper edit. This is rather heartbreaking to me. At the same time, I’m also planning on changing the primary penname that I’ll be using for most of my writings. I guess realizing that I was going to have to do that threw me off a fair sum.

I’ve been reading a lot as well, but not as much as I feel I should have been given my lack of writing. Though, I guess some of my reading is kind of un-measurable in the sense that I have been reading things online and thus don’t have a stack of finished books to point at.

I’ve been reading political stuff and what not – as right now, in my country it’s really a bad time to be a woman. (Newsflash: ICYMI, I’m a woman.) There are a lot of discussions about whether or not certain things are “legitimate” (and I’m both amused and royally pissed off about that particular set of phrasings) and whether or not it is the business of the state that women are allowed certain medications (birth control). Being female, I do have very strong opinions about these things, and I’m pretty sure that it hasn’t helped me be productive at all – especially when some of the subject matter makes me mad enough to see red.

It also doesn’t help that my primary mundane job treats all of its associates like trash. I’ve been knocked off kilter by that and really need to get my tail end into gear and get some words out there. Hopefully, just hopefully, I can get enough out there by the end of this upcoming year that I should be able to not have to worry about the main bills, and work only for those things that are “extra”.

Or, at the very least, bring in enough monthly to pay at least two of my “extra” bills that I like a lot. (Netflix and the internet bill, in all honesty, a combined total of $40.)


(annnnnd Hullo other plot bunny. I’m going to continue this in another post, probably later this week, I do apologize for vanishing there for a while.)