2014, New Year, New Plan

Hey guys, as you have probably guessed, I still don’t have internet at my residence. I’m still working on that. I’ve got a plan, but it is going to take me another week or two, I think.


Anyways, I had planned on putting my mind back to weekly prompts, but I doubt that I’ll be able to keep up the daily prompt idea that I had.


I’m working extra hours each week at work, and I have an application in with the local sheriff’s department to become a dispatcher. This would nearly triple my take home amount and it would put me in a far more stable situation.


My father is 77 years old, and he’s not in the best of health, and due to the signifigant gap between real wages and the living wage I’m living in the house my parents own jointly while they’ve moved to another part of the country. When he goes across into the summerlands, it is a given that the house will be sold as quickly as possible. The doctor gave him a couple of years to live back in 2006, so legitamately he could go at any point in time.


Anyway, i should stop rambling, and get back to writing posts about writing.




Well, that didn’t work the way I expected.

Hi guys.

Adrienne here, and I know, I’ve dropped off on the posting again. This time, I have a better reason than simply being forgetful. I have, for the time being, no internet access at my house: which means that even though I want to post, I’m not able to.

I’m hoping to have internet back midway through Novemeber, but that does mean that you’ll see a lot of me through scheduled postings all put on the site on either friday or saturdays. I’m about to put three or four posts into the schedule queue, just of prompts, and then I’m going to go ahead and write a few about other things as well.


Either way, we have only 26 days until NaNoWriMo 2013. I’m setting myself a little higher goal than I have in the past this year, and I hope to accomplish it. My goal is to write 2k words on days I work, and 3k on days that I don’t. This should put me near 70k at the end of the month, with two completed (hopefully) stories. I’m now getting on track to finish two other short stories as well. All four stories are based in the same universe, which I’m beginning to tilt deeper and deeper into. I’m hard core back into pure sci-fi, and it looks like I’ll be staying here a while.


I didn’t quite mean to fall off the planet again, but I went from relatively calm dual off days to working 6 days a week and having far too much to take care of in the 12 hours I had available to me on my lone day off.

Add into this chaos a visit from my parents, and needless I didn’t get anything done for Camp NaNo, I got far more stressed out than usual, and the last two weeks rather just sucked.


Anyways, I’ll be back on track within this next week. I have a little bit of stuff to take care of, but I should be able to get everything together to resume the weekly prompts.


And since I’ve been waiting for breakfast for 2 hours now, I’m going to vanish. My breakfast company is here finally! <3

April Showers, bring May….

Flowers usually, but here in Memphis, April showers bring May floods.

I’ve been very busy this past month, and I haven’t managed to get anything done for “me”. This past month has kind of sucked, and it almost got a whole lot worse. As I sit here in my favorite corner of a favorite store surrounded by friends, I just about had a major meltdown.

My much beloved Alienware machine wasn’t booting up at all. I had power through the cord, partial power in the battery, and when I hit the power button, NOTHING HAPPENED. I counted to fifteen. NOTHING STILL. I hit the button again, and STILL NOTHING. So I got up and asked if the tech wiz was going to be coming in today, and they said yes. I relaxed one degree. I commented to people that I was going to have a major meltdown if I couldn’t get my computer to boot. Then I returned to my corner, flipped her over again, took out the battery and put it back in. Then turned Alien back upright, and opened the lid. I hit the power button again. HOLY WORD. LIGHTS!!!! Alien started to boot up then. And announced that she hadn’t shut down properly to begin with.

Guess who is now going to wait until the laptop is completely powered off before she closes it again. This morning scared the all and holy hells outta me. (By the way, after my scare, I lose a bit of my language filter, so be aware the are a few instances of ‘foul’ language from here on)

Anyways, there is a reason for me posting about this. Beyond the obvious, I need to get it off my chest, sort of deal. Why, you ask? Because it brings up a major point that writers need to remember!

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So. There was an idea earlier in the last week

And, I’m not going to lie. It’s currently sitting in the drafts box, simply because I lost my train of thought on the topic, and I haven’t made it back to it yet.

My apologies. The Writing101 series of posts will start soon. Pretty much as soon as I get the hang of this whole working three jobs thing.

And, I’m also helping a writing friend get their stuff together to have an online platform, so check him out at  bradleyharriswrites.com !!


<3 AD