So. Change is in the air!

So for all of those individuals whom have been getting little slips of paper handed to them with this web address on it, Welcome.


Most of you have known that I’m a writer, and I’m constantly getting encouragement from almost all of you. Not to mention, I’ve recruited all of you to keep my happy self on track for NaNoWriMo every year since I’ve met most of you. Most of you have gotten the mini run down of what has happened recently, and all, but it hasn’t been really fully explained, and I ususally don’t get to answer questions, because I’ve been having to pass out the little slips as quickly as I can without really getting to talk to each of you.


Everything is explained behind the more link:
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Oh hello holidays

So, nanowrimo’s biggest spot of trouble besides the shadows in week two are today for American nanoers.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m hopefully going to be saving my own writing ass this weekend on my next two days off around putting up the Christmas trees. I have this weekend for my make it or break it. This is going to be interesting.

Fun times

Post that should have happened sunday evening.:

So. I was thinking, and I was playing on the site last night.

I built a forum. And I put a present on the forum, if you’re paying attention. I’m a writer, and I figured that I would post something pertaining to that.

These next few weeks are going to be fun, but thankfully, such a thing as internet will have returned to my house monday evening.

As time goes by, there will be more an more interesting things going on here, but until then, NANOWRIMO ladies and gents?
word count by the end of sunday was 24.5k or so. I needed to be at 30k to be on track. (insert sigh here) I’ll get my ass back together though. I know I will. I keep forgetting that my blind character can’t do certain things though, so she keeps doing them, and then i realise this shortly after I’ve reached the next paragraph. Usually results in a swear word and then me rewriting the paragraph on the spot, because I have to reread part of what I wrote before to get going again on a new day.

Though, I’m back to averaging 2k words a day, so we’ll see how long I can keep it up this time.