Totally missed February…..

And I’m not surprised. Not in the slightest.

The mundane job went from fully staffed to being not even half staffed in less than a week, and it was with little to no warning. There’s just enough staff to give everyone a single day off a week, unless they had already asked for it earlier.

We’ll be short staffed until at least mid march.

I’m honestly not doing much but working, eating, and sleeping. And a bit of WoW, because that’s really the only way I can keep my stress levels down. Other than that, nothing. Everyone at work is so tired that we’re rather zombie like, and it’s rather terrifying.

Either way, I’m going to set aside myself about two hours every single day that I work this job to sit down and word. From 8 to 10 most days. I’ll aim for at least two windows of word time on the daysnights that I have off.

On the other hand… I’ve applied for a new job, and am emailing them this morning to just touch base (got that email back way fast – I didn’t get it). I’m also applying for another job, because I’d like to get out of the current mundane job (which is part physical labor and part wiping butts, literally) due to the fact that I’m all but popping pain pills like they’re candyTic-Tacs. And I’m currently looking at the app for a third job, because honestly, there are something like 18,000 jobs available in town, and almost 80% of them are nursing or trucking. 18% are either specialized jobs that require serious degrees or a decade of experience, and the last 2% are jobs that I can actually apply for.

Hoping to write 2k words today. To get myself out of the funk of painful exhaustion. Here goes.