The questions I get asked often will appear here. Updated any time I notice a trend, or as little as once a month. (Updates will occur in the first week unless otherwise announced.)


1. Where can I find … ?
____At the moment, nowhere. Unless, of course, you’re a dear friend of mine. Which of course means you’ve probably already read it at least once in some incarnation.
____Unfortunately, I don’t have a release date for anything yet. I had planned on having something release in July, however circumstances and the story lines didn’t line up, and I’m not satisfied with what I have ready. Come back in August and ask me again.


2. Who’s the model for the top of the page?
____ *starts laughing* Ahem. Excuse me. I’m no model at all. But those are my eyes, and about 12 cycles ago on hair color. That was taken for the WKNO interview I did back in 2013. I really don’t like pictures much, so it’s rare to see one of me. Really rare.