It’s a Catto Life

And boy oh boy are my cattos angry at me.

They saw the vet for the first time last Friday and got excellent bills of health. (For having not been to the vet in their entire lives, I consider that a win.)

They’re at the vet’s again today for their neutering, and microchipping.

And let me tell you, they were not pleased to be stuffed into their oversized taxi again this morning. Nor was Inkspot, (my fatto catto), willing to eat last night – I don’t think he’s had anything but a few licks of the medicated food and a couple of treats since like 8pm last night. I dropped him and his brother, Nicholas, off at the vet’s office about 7:20am this morning, and they were angry enough at me that they didn’t “talk” to me until I tilted the taxi up to say bye for the day to them.

And of course, Sunday night and Monday night I got maybe 4 or so hours of sleep each night, so I feel rather dead. (Venti Starbucks all but injected into my system, and I still feel dead.)

Of course, cat mama side is exceedingly worried to have left them at the vet’s office by themselves. But I need to be at work all day, well, most of the day, so that I can afford to pay for the vet services today.

I’m also going to get them microchipped today, which will help prevent me from freaking out as majorly about them possibly getting out. I mean, I’ll still freak out about it, but at least I’ll have a chance of getting my two little dorks back if they do.

Either way, today I’m going to be a bit of a mess all day because I don’t like it when they’re basically not being jerks at the house.

Catto updates will probably be had over on Instagram, once they’re back being pests in my car on the ride home.


(and as usual, bless the scheduling thing, it’s so blasted useful.)