Usually I’m more together during NaNoWriMo and spend part of my time blogging as a form of procrastination.

This year, I totally forgot. For which, I am sorry. There isn’t really an excuse, but I was a first time ML this year, and was working an absurd amount of hours and also got sick all at the same time.

The mundane job has gotten me a bit down, I will absolutely admit to it. However, I do have a plan to handle this. I recently bought this thing called a passion planner, it should get to me near the end January – in the meantime, I’ve printed out part of the PDF of the book and have started to work with it already.

Just so you know, I love this book already. Just from the printouts. Seriously. This dang thing is glorious. No, I’m not being asked to promote it either. I just stumbled across the kickstarter and then fell in love with it. After trying nearly every type of planner on the market over the last few years, up to and including just drawing my own in a notebook that I bought, this one is looking like it is going to be the absolute best. I’m also looking at it every day, too, so that helps. None of the ones I’ve used in the past have made me actually want to keep coming back.

So, why the hell am I telling you about a planner? Well, if you’re here, I figure that you are one of basically two things. You’re either a bot, or someone who wants more information about Author AV Devine. If you’re the former, I don’t much care or mind. If you’re the latter, well, this is why you’re learning about the planner.

It’s helping me to lay out a schedule. One that I plan on sticking to, and that schedule should start appearing online within the next three weeks. (Mostly once I’ve gotten the first major goal out of the way for this year.)


More to come, I promise.