Writer’s Forum!

So, recently I’ve been noticing a distinct lack of interaction from some of my writer friends on Facebook. I feel quite sad about this because I know that they miss hanging out in the discussions, but various other things bring them down. So, I decided to bring back the forums. It’s taken me a few months to get to a situation where I felt comfortable putting them together and starting a few subjects but they are now online. The forums can be found at ascribedworld.com/forum/ and I must say I’m pretty fond of the color scheme.

I know some of the people I spend a lot of time talking to don’t generally want to have more than one place to go for their writing things but at the same time, they’re also incredibly tired of all of the incredibly hard to avoid political shit on Facebook. I also know that a lot of my writer friends are tired of seeing so much non-writing related stuff in with the writing related posts. The forum allows for writing specific things to go in the writing forums, and the not really writing related things to go into other forums.

I am entirely excited to go ahead and get this forum going, and it technically opens for business on May 12th 2017.


It looks like I didn’t break it, so the blog is wholly back online! YAY!

This post definitely doesn’t fit the Technical Tuesday thing properly, but I’m going to send it live on a Tuesday anyway. Updates ahoy!

With any luck, I’ll get back on schedule with the Muse Monday, Technical Tuesdays, Whimsy Wednesdays, Truthful Thursdays, Fandom Fridays, and Caturdays.

As it’s been mentioned in the past: Muses, Technical things and Truthful things are all blog exclusive (though they may have bits and pieces show up on Twitter and/or Instagram as well). Fandom Fridays will probably be on Twitter, as will Caturdays (though Caturday can also appear on Instagram), and Whimsy will be wherever I choose to put it.

Now, If you’ve been here before, you’ve already noticed the first of a few major differences. The theme is a new one, and I actually really really like it. Eventually it’ll have a slide show on it making it a little less text, but that looks like it might be at least a year or so out.

Right now, I’m heading up NaNoWriMo 2016 in Memphis, with a Co-ML. We’re hoping to make this the best year yet, and have a lot of enjoyment of the season. Stay tuned for the NANO2016 updates. This year, the NaNoWriMo theme is SPACE, and let me tell you, I am way excited. In case you have not been here long, or don’t actually know who I am in the real world, SPACE is probably my favorite thing ever. (It shares the favorite things box with Coffee, Coca-Cola and winter.)

I’m also attempting to write a novella for Tor-dot-com Publishing. They’re opening up for unsolicited submissions for three months starting on October 12th and I have an idea that;s actually workable. My word count goal for it is something like 25,000 words. I’m allowed to have up to 40,000 words, but I know myself well – I’m going to overshoot. I’m also allowing for editing, and the notion that I may need to seriously rewrite bits and pieces. I’m going for romantic fantasy, with magic and rice and kimonos, and a driving need for revenge that someone has been working on for 20 years. I’m only half way hoping now, to get it into Tor. On one hand, that would be fantastic. On the other, I could turn it into it’s own world and make more stories out of this world. Tor wants stand-alone stories, and while at this time this is, I wouldn’t mind being able to expand it.

A side effect of the Tor project, as it’s currently called (I haven’t come up with even a working title for it yet, yikes), is that I’m doing a lot of research into Asian cultures. This is helping the Revanta project something fantastic as one of the major cultures in the Revanta Universe has always been more Asian than anything else. I use Asian here in the sense that this particular culture has Samurai like warriors as major players, as well as the more structured courts with royal concubines that are seen elsewhere. I’ve always wanted to get deeper and deeper into this court, but seeing as most of the work I needed to do was for elsewhere, since the story only really spends maybe 12 to 16 hours in the edge of that court – I didn’t really get to. Now I can, and it’s giving me a lot of creative go power for doing work on almost all of my various works in progress.

Before I make this monster post any longer, I’m going to sign off. With some luck, I’ll be back to posting at least once a week, but until then, enjoy October!

Website Update!

First: I fell off the earth again. I know. I’ve been trying to get some medical things taken care of and it means I’m having to be a bit more careful with my sleeping windows and they got really buggered for a while. I’m hoping to get back to more routine updates here in the next couple of weeks or so, but:

Second: Oh boy! A website update! And long post ahead, fyi.

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Help out the Author!

So, I want to do something interesting here. What kind of interesting things should I do? I want to post fun things as well as more serious things, and I’m trying to decide what nifty things I can do with ease.

I’m thinking something like, FanFriday, obviously Caturday (since I do have cats), maybe Muse Mondays, and Whimsy Wednesdays? And possibly Technical Tuesdays and Truthful Thursdays? A rotating schedule of these things, so I’m not writing 3 to 5 blog posts a week, because I know myself, and I am a procrastinator/slacker (also anxiety and some form of ADHD, so yeah…).

So, Muse Mondays would probably include writing prompts, cool pictures, or links to really nifty things.

Technical Tuesdays would likely contain grammar tips, plot tips, world building, research tips, character creation, etc. All kinds of things to do with actual writing.

Whimsy Wednesdays would likely feature more on twitter and Instagram than here on the blog, as it would likely more often than not simply be me acting silly or being excited about my hair. (if you don’t know about the hair, go look me up, @huskersgirllaura)

Truthful Thursdays would be the days where I speak absolutely truthfully on some subject. Be it #breakthestigma, or just a question I’ve been asked, I’ll try to answer it as clearly and concisely as I can.

FanFridays would be the day where I promote something I’m a fan of. Or where I just fangirl in general. I do that. I do that well.

And then Caturday. I’m not going to explain caturday. You’re on the internet. You’ve more than likely heard of it by now. This will definitely be cross posted from Instagram and twitter and depending on what I want to say, even here on the blog.

I’m trying to become more active, and more engaging. I’ll get there. Also, all of these things would likely cross over onto facebook too, just so you’re in the know.