May is here

And as usual, my posting has been behind. Once again, apologies.

I do have plans for May, though. I plan to submit a short story to Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. I also plan to finish a cluster of short stories and possibly self publish them, I haven’t entirely decided.

If I edit them (the short stories) several times, and get them looked at by a couple people, they might be ready to go by the end of the month. Thing is, they don’t really stand alone, yet neither do they blend into one of the other stories. I really don’t know what to do with them. (They are also, individually, small enough, to not be worth anything size wise by themselves.)

This would be why I can’t decide if I want to self publish or not. At least one or two of my books I’d like to go the wholly traditional route. But others, I don’t think they’d get picked up. We shall see, won’t we.


In other news, like usual my birth month has already reared an ugly side. I’ve all but lost my mundane job, and there are very very good chances that my extremely traditional parents might move back to memphis. (Putting my mental health into a very precarious situation as I live in their house in memphis and they would be returning to this house.)

This means, that I go from having the whole house (2200 sq feet), to having under 250 sq feet (barely at 230 sq feet to be precise). Plus, I have a full kitchen’s worth of stuff, and so do they.

The next month is going to be hell on me, and I know it. I’m mundane job hunting, I’m editing and writing as much as I can. And submitting to everything that I can. Dear gods. Light candles, pray for me, do whatever it is that you do to wish me luck and a good summer.