Well Well Well

Dear gods. I’m bad at keeping most schedules, unless it’s a mundane work schedule. I’m back to working on things again.

Though, at the same time, I’m also having problems. I can pretty much confirm that I’m in a significant downswing on my standard mood block. A lot of mental illness runs in my family, and I’m not immune to the various illnesses. I’ve got varying degrees of several, and while with some significant work from my spirit, I can usually hold my shit together. Thanks to stress right now, I don’t have it together.

I know that.

This is not my normal kind of post, just so you know.

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Writing101: This thing called PLOT, level one.

Hi there, Adrienne here, and today, we’re talking about plot.

I’m not going to lie to you, I bloody well suck at plot. In fact, I suck so badly at it, that I almost never can plot out my story until I’m at least halfway through writing it.

Plot is my primary writing weakness. Knowing the kinds of words I’m using is my second weakness (such as adverb, preposition etc. I can not remember what each word is classified as. Gods, someone get me a new and proper oxford dictionary). Fortunately, they are only mildly interconnected.

I have books on plot, my editing and writing buddy (whose computer I have posted from at least once) has books on plot. Both of us are actually kind of bad at it. We both admit to this.

Plot has a few main steps that everyone agrees on. Firstly, a Beginning, a Middle and an End. These are also referred to as the Beginning, the Climax/Conflict, and the Resolution. There are other steps, but I’m going to cover those in another post, as plot is one of the most complex writing subjects.


A quick way to remember this is with this:


Cinderella loses her father.

Cinderella is treated like a servant once he is gone.


The Ball.

Cinderella loses her shoe.


The Prince tries the shoe on every female in the kingdom.

The shoe fits Cinderella.

They live happily ever after.

**NOTE: I’m using the Disney Cinderella.

Now, do you see how the things flow together? I know for a fact that I have left out quite a few major plot points to the movie. I did that simply to show what a simple plot it. the Plot: Level Two post will get more into detail.

A new thing!

All right, I’ve been planning to add a new thing to the site. And as a 6 year NaNoWriMo participant, and winner of the last four. I think I can call myself a writer.

Though, I have been writing as far back as I can remember; and I was story-telling as far back as I’ve apparently been talking–according to my mother. And I know that one of the biggest things that most aspiring writers have as an¬†obstacle¬†is that they simply don’t know how to start.


I remember the fear of approaching each new story idea, and trying to figure out how to start. I’ll be covering that in a post at the start of the next week. It’ll be part of a new series on writing that I’m going to call Writing:101. It will cover things from tricks I use to get started, to things I do to keep going; and how not to be afraid of that big blank page either on the computer screen or in that notebook that you keep on the bedside table.


But on the other hand, I did work today, and since my allergies have arrived in full force, I’m a little brain dead at the moment. It also didn’t help that I woke up two hours before my alarm this morning, and the kittens decided that mommy wasn’t allowed to go back to sleep. -.-
I’ve been dosed up on Aleve-D trying to get rid of most of it, and resumed my Zyrtec taking a couple of days ago. I’ll be back to my normal, non snuffly self in no time. (by the way, I sound weird as hell. Even to myself. XD)