The Writing

AM Devine is hard at work at the keyboard most days, and this is a listing of what she’s working on.


The Aurora Chronicles    The tag for this is “The Aurora Chronicles”
AM Devine
Science Fiction
Aurora Industries was formed as a company because several individuals didn’t want to be told what they could and could not research. Their research led to them being the most powerful invisible corporation on the planet. Their constant looking towards the future led them into space, and when Earth’s governments collapsed, Aurora was there to help pick up the pieces. These are the stories of Aurora Industries and it’s legacy.


Of Mage Lights and War Machines (Page Coming Soon)  Tag: Revanta
Athena Devine
Steampunk Fantasy
A princess goes missing. The Magi can’t See where she is. Rumors swirl around an erratic leader. On the Airship Revanta a little boy is found, and with him – the first clue. War’s coming, Magic is evolving. It’s up to the Revanta Company and her crew, both current and former, to try and make things right.

Underwater Metropolis  Tag: Metropolis
Athena Devine
Modern Fantasy
An ancient civilization vanished off the earth some 2,000 years ago. A current day archaeologist thinks he’s found all of the pieces leading to the ruins. A young woman, plagued by dreams that she cannot explain chooses to escape her mundane life by going to University in another country. Archaeologist Elijah Reichs and student Arena Saunderson are introduced due to her interest in cities that the world believes couldn’t exist – leading them into a race against time.

HELLC (Page coming Soon) Tag: Hellc
Minerva Devine
Urban Paranormal
“Do you ever get the feeling that your life has already been planned out for you and that you’re just along for the ride? Sometimes, that’s how I feel.”
Lilith “Lily” Sutherland has what looks like a dream job, working for a tightly controlled investigative company known as Hellc. She’s got all the perks: a company car, a beautiful 401k, a month’s worth of vacation time each year, full insurance, living expenses, a sweet expense budget, and even a corner office with a hell of a view. One problem, she’s not really sure what it is that she does. On the surface, it looks like her job is investigating cheating spouses, or figuring out who’s lying on the prenup, or figuring out who’s lying on the divorce papers. Standard PI sorts of things, under the business name of Karma, INC. But the things she’s been trained to make notes about, those sorts of things aren’t the standard. What Lily doesn’t know, is that when she laughs and says “Working for Karma’s a bitch” – she’s speaking the absolute truth. She works for the Mistress of Karma, the right hand of the devil himself.