Happy 2017


Obviously, I fell off the freaking posting schedule again. But, this time I’ve got something somewhat better going on in life and I feel like I’m finding my groove now.

It’s January 2nd 2017. Welcome to 2017, after such a horrible block of time for the fandom communities in 2016 – we can only hope that 2017 will treat us much better.

In that sense, I’ve got a few things that I am working on – and with any luck, I’ll work out a schedule for working on it all and will be able to start producing more than the occasional blog post.

Muse Monday 0001

So the inaugural Muse Monday here at ASW is all about SEVENTH SANCTUM.

The motherload of weird generators, Seventh Sanctum is one of the coolest places I’ve ever found on the internet.

Do you need a technology name? Seventh Sanctum has you covered.

Mechas? Seventh Sanctum has those too.

Magical Classes? Yep, you guessed it. Seventh Sanctum.

Government names? Corporation names? Realm need naming? How about that tavern? Seventh Sanctum has all of those.

Dark Rituals? Spell names, technomancy, magical items? They’ve got them all.


Since back in 1999, Steve Savage has been the creative genius getting people out of writer’s blocks and into crazy creative modes. Later this month, he’s releasing a book, and honestly, everyone should check it out. ( Keep up with it here)



*** This post is in no way sponsored by Seventh Sanctum, I get nothing from my love of the website and it’s generators besides a great deal of amusement. ***

Good Morning, Folks!

Okay, so I’m stupidly awake at this hour. And by stupidly awake, I mean I usually have started to crash and burn. For those of you just joining me, I work overnights, from 10pm to 6am, and it’s now 9:15am local, and I feel like doing ALL THE THINGS. (Note: later today, Muse Monday will get launched. I’ll be launching the things I discussed in the last post slowly, maybe one or two per week until I have them all going on.)

Interesting full post behind the cut:

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Space, our final frontier!

Hey guys, Adrienne here. (Kind of obvious, no one else posts here.)


I wanted to toss out a new thing here. A WEEKLY PROMPT. I’m going to do everything I can to drop them every sunday.

So here it is. WEEKLY PROMPT, Jan 26th through Feb 1st. Write not less than 250 words about a favorite piece of furniture. Maximum word count, 1,000 words. I’m going to get off my ass and fix the forums, but probably not today. You could post them there (once they’re fixed), or as a comment here.



Onward to other news! I’ve spent a few weeks months lamenting the fact that my all-mighty binder of doom for my SPACE SAGA series had gone missing (I believe that a member of my family threw it plus a major school binder of mine out). I got kind of lucky, it forced me to get my shit together, and actually make a series bible.

That thing is three inches thick, a D-ring, and has alphabetical dividers. It weighs nearly equal to my 11 pound behemoth of a laptop.


But, that’s not all the news. I’ve decided that I want to try for a contest length piece of short fiction again. 4,000 words. Last time I tried this, it was 6,300 words big. I’ve since shaved some 400 words off of it dropping it to a nice rotund 5,900 words, but still. It is the shortest complete story I’ve ever written. I feel proud. It’s with my editor and a couple of opinion readers right now.


And then, as I mentioned it to my personal friends on Facebook, I realised that it is quite possible that I could have a minibook out by december. OH DEAR GODS.


Okay. I’ve left the boys for long enough, and I need to go and buy my next two weeks worth of breakfasts and lunches. Gluten free me eats yogurt for breakfast and cheese sticks for lunch on work days. And sometimes I get to have some rice krispies for lunch if there’s enough milk at work.