Extreme Life Update

Oh boy, this is going to be a massively longer update than usual, and I’ll try to divide it up pretty clearly so you can skip to the parts you want to read.

There will be discussions of Mental Health, Author’s Technology, Writing Goals, and basically whatever else I ramble to. The banners will be the color of the text here, just so that you can simply skim for the color if you want to.

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Hey! I know I promised a Technical Tuesday” post this week, but like the airhead I am occasionally, I forgot. Additionally, where I work has this thing where, when it storms, the downtime basically vanishes, and I spend a good 40% of my shift telling people the power is out, and that it’s nothing to be worried about. And it has stormed enough that I could hear the thunder through my noise cancelling headphones and a boat might be a good idea for my yard.

So, the delay:

Obviously, there’s going to be one. I’ve got nothing on hand except for the bones of what was supposed to be this week’s Technical Tuesday. And I’m currently looking around for blog themes. It’s been 3 years with this theme, and while I rather like most of it, it’s gotten to the point that I’m also not very fond of it anymore.

I’m also writing up a *big* thing about how authors make money and how to judge when it is a good time to consider cutting loose from the normal mundane world and becoming a self employed author. In my personal opinion, I know when *I* would do it, but when I would make the jump might not be right for everyone. But, this is a good way to judge what your expectations ought to look like. I need to figure out how to upload files for download, because I think this might outgrow the size most people would want to read in even one or two blog posts. (NOTE: the big money post has been brought to you by the fact I got a royalty deposit for $0.35. Wheeeeee!/sarcasm)

So, interestingly enough

Because of something I’m doing in about two weeks, I’m sitting here in my little office corner working on my proper author website. It’ll link to the blog here, rather obviously, but it will become the new homepage for the things that I do.

I look forward to actually having it up and ready to go, but it is taking me some time. I also have to write another bio for it, as well as take care of a couple of nifty little pages that I want to have online as well.

*raises a glass* Here’s to getting shit done!

Writing Prompts: Week of June 30th- July 6th

Here we go, back on track. Mostly.

Like usual, the old school rules apply. 250-500 words per prompt. For those of you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this year, expect some weird posts from me about that later in the week.


Sunday: Long after I encountered (you fill in the blank here) the first time, I came across it again. Describe how (your fill in the black) changed if it did at all.

Monday: The possibilities are endless, what would you do with a lotto jackpot?

Tuesday: Write a short bit about a veteran space cruise Captain answering questions that he is tired of answering.

Wednesday: Name a good something possible. Now, how would you go about making it inevitable?

Thursday: Write about a voice that most people refuse to hear.

Friday:  ~ FREE WRITE ~

Saturday: Open a short with this line of Dialogue: “So, it has come to this.”

Writing Prompts: Week of June 23rd – June 29th

One thousand and one apologies for the fact that this is coming in at the end of the week, for real.


Here we go! If I don’t tell you how many words in the entry for the day, remember it’s 250-500 for the normal word count range.


Sunday: Write about an hour of the day where nothing goes right.

Monday: This is what you can see by starlight.

Tuesday: It was sunday, the time it happened.

Wednesday: Write about a massive digital projection clock, one you can see from across town.

Thursday: This is where I went wrong, but everything turned out alright.

Friday: Write about small changes.

Saturday: Write about what kind of life you’d expect to see in an alien subterranean water world, such as under the Ice of Europa, one of the moons of Juipter.