Writer’s Forum!

So, recently I’ve been noticing a distinct lack of interaction from some of my writer friends on Facebook. I feel quite sad about this because I know that they miss hanging out in the discussions, but various other things bring them down. So, I decided to bring back the forums. It’s taken me a few months to get to a situation where I felt comfortable putting them together and starting a few subjects but they are now online. The forums can be found at ascribedworld.com/forum/ and I must say I’m pretty fond of the color scheme.

I know some of the people I spend a lot of time talking to don’t generally want to have more than one place to go for their writing things but at the same time, they’re also incredibly tired of all of the incredibly hard to avoid political shit on Facebook. I also know that a lot of my writer friends are tired of seeing so much non-writing related stuff in with the writing related posts. The forum allows for writing specific things to go in the writing forums, and the not really writing related things to go into other forums.

I am entirely excited to go ahead and get this forum going, and it technically opens for business on May 12th 2017.

Muse Monday 0001

So the inaugural Muse Monday here at ASW is all about SEVENTH SANCTUM.

The motherload of weird generators, Seventh Sanctum is one of the coolest places I’ve ever found on the internet.

Do you need a technology name? Seventh Sanctum has you covered.

Mechas? Seventh Sanctum has those too.

Magical Classes? Yep, you guessed it. Seventh Sanctum.

Government names? Corporation names? Realm need naming? How about that tavern? Seventh Sanctum has all of those.

Dark Rituals? Spell names, technomancy, magical items? They’ve got them all.


Since back in 1999, Steve Savage has been the creative genius getting people out of writer’s blocks and into crazy creative modes. Later this month, he’s releasing a book, and honestly, everyone should check it out. ( Keep up with it here)



*** This post is in no way sponsored by Seventh Sanctum, I get nothing from my love of the website and it’s generators besides a great deal of amusement. ***

New Year!

Alrighty, this is attempt number three to get this post out. I’m bad at new year’s posts. Unless I write the silly thing ahead of time and schedule it, I almost never can get one out.

Extremely belated Happy New Year’s!

Okay, so I had said that I would post a second post in December about something, but after visitors for the holiday week, I came down with a pretty nasty stomach virus and really didn’t do anything for several days.

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