The Aurora Chronicles

The Aurora Chronicles. You’ve heard me talk about them. In the past they’ve been referred to as the SPACE SAGA on the blog.


So what are The Aurora Chronicles?
          They are a series of stories written by author AM Devine concerning the existence of Aurora Industries. They span the years of 2025 all the way to nearly 2450 (at this time). Partway through the series, Aurora undergoes a change and basically vanishes. However, the legacy of the company lives on, and we follow that legacy.

What stories are included?
Available Now /
 Complete / Incomplete / In Edits / Writing Now / Not Started

ANTHOLOGY: The Beginning
The Aurora Divorce
Aurora Rising
The Blackwood Files

NOVEL: Breakdown

NOVEL: Accidental Ambassador

NOVEL: Starstruck

NOVEL: Blindly Stargazing

The Captain’s Curse
Cracked Hyde
The Dreams that Bind Them
That was Unexpected
O’Mally’s Station
Dothaar Marriage
Bridget Lind
Ancient Mioré

There is likely going to be a few more stories in this series, but I haven’t gotten around to starting them yet.


Does anything have a release date yet?
         O’Mally’s Station has been released, and you can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iBooks, and Smashwords.
I’m afraid not. I’ve got O’Mally’s Station headed to one more editor for a read through and polish, and then I plan to submit it to Crossed Genres Magazine. I’m also trying to get one of two stories done so I could submit one of them to the Writer’s Digest Annual competition this year. The early bird deadline on that is May 5th, like it is every year. My problem is that I’m wordy. Very wordy. The word count limit on the WD contest is 4,000 words. O’Mally’s was my first attempt, and when I initially finished it, it was a behemoth of a short story weighing in at nearly 6,300 words. After the third round of edits, it was trimmed down to a nice 5,900 and right about there it stays.
          I’m also going to start reworking some of the other stuff that’s unfinished. I hope to have at least two of the novels (Starstruck and Blindly Stargazing) done by the end of the year. For the third novel, I still am not sure I can carry it to novel length but I’m going to try, which is why Breakdown is still regarded as a novel in the list.


So beyond working on this series, do you have anything else?
          Yes, I do have two other projects in my collection. I’m working on getting pages up for them in the future, but for right now the titles and synopses can be found on the page entitled “The Writing”.