Muse Monday 0001

So the inaugural Muse Monday here at ASW is all about SEVENTH SANCTUM.

The motherload of weird generators, Seventh Sanctum is one of the coolest places I’ve ever found on the internet.

Do you need a technology name? Seventh Sanctum has you covered.

Mechas? Seventh Sanctum has those too.

Magical Classes? Yep, you guessed it. Seventh Sanctum.

Government names? Corporation names? Realm need naming? How about that tavern? Seventh Sanctum has all of those.

Dark Rituals? Spell names, technomancy, magical items? They’ve got them all.


Since back in 1999, Steve Savage has been the creative genius getting people out of writer’s blocks and into crazy creative modes. Later this month, he’s releasing a book, and honestly, everyone should check it out. ( Keep up with it here)



*** This post is in no way sponsored by Seventh Sanctum, I get nothing from my love of the website and it’s generators besides a great deal of amusement. ***