New Year!

Alrighty, this is attempt number three to get this post out. I’m bad at new year’s posts. Unless I write the silly thing ahead of time and schedule it, I almost never can get one out.

Extremely belated Happy New Year’s!

Okay, so I had said that I would post a second post in December about something, but after visitors for the holiday week, I came down with a pretty nasty stomach virus and really didn’t do anything for several days.

Onwards, now, to the 2016 Year of Writing!

Off to a very slow start, I’m afraid. Mostly because chaos struck at the mundane job and I’ve had extra work. (and if the current version of this month’s schedule is anything to go by, it’s only going to get much much worse.)

So, the official plan for the 2016 Year of Writing is to write something along the lines of 964K words in the year. The unofficial plan is to write something more along the lines of 1.5Mil. Why the significant difference, you ask? Well, the “Official” plan divides the year into three month quarters and starts with 1.5k/day in the first quarter, moving to 2k/day in the second, 3k/day in the third, and 4k/day in the fourth. The Unofficial number starts with January at 1.5K/day and increases the WPD each month by 500 until it hits 6k in December. I’m definitely trying for the higher number, but in more realistic terms, I am expecting something more along the lines of the first.

I will however, indicate that neither number includes adjustments for either of the Camp NaNoWriMos or the main event in November. If I were to adjust for those, the year number would go down, as I rarely sign up officially for more than 30K/Camp and the official November goal is only 50K. Currently as it stands, I’m hoping to do at least 60K in April’s Camp, 93K in the July Camp, and 120K for the main event.

By doing this, I’m hoping to get more accomplished this year than I did last year, and I hope that I’ll be able to bring in some extra money with my writing as well. The official game plan is to be able to pay at least one bill with writing money each month. I don’t even want to pay a big bill. The maximum bill I’d like to pay is approximately $40, and that would cover my Comcast bill, and make sure that I have internet at my house. (I wouldn’t mind however, making enough to cover paying for say, internet+Netflix, which would be about $60/month. Though, at this point paying any single bill with non-mundane job funds would be nice.)