Truthful Thursday 0004

And I’m sorry guys, I don’t mean to only ever have truthful thursdays anymore, I’m just working back up to writing daily and working on my writing schedule.

Nice Authory Bits first, then Social Commentary, since I do live in the USA. As always, I’ll highlight in another font color the section title.


Woo! Back to writing some every day. Back to actively working on original fiction, and some fanfiction. Don’t start shit with me about the fanfiction. I like fanfiction.

Due to some upcoming events, I am giving myself a hard deadline on one of my WIPs and am hoping I’ll have the MS done by the 31st. I hope to have it in the hands of a beta reader the next day. I hope to get it back from a beta pretty fast after that, because I would like to release this thing before my birthday in May. I’m also hoping to get at least one short story up on my website a month, and possibly up on smashwords and Amazon for free just so that I can have more titles to my name.

I have less than a week to get the thing for January up, so I’m not sure I’ll manage one for the first month of the year, but hey, I am going to try. But the story that will get me paid will definitely come first.

I also need to look into setting aside the money to pay for my domain as well, since my Author Domain expires sometime in February.

I hope that over the next few months, I’ll be able to make it so that I have approx $100 or so coming in to my budget from writing each quarter. That’s a small goal, roughly $30 per month, but that would be a *lot* of sales at the price points I could actually move the stories at. And as a tiny little new indie author, I don’t actually expect more than $100 this year overall. But it is good to set pretty high goals for yourself, so that’s what I’m doing. Setting my actual expectations low, but setting my goal moderately high. This will hopefully leave me not upset that I didn’t make the goal when I do make something but not enough.

I’m looking forward to what 2017 will bring as far as my writing goes.

Social Commentary. . .

So. Tomorrow is America’s Inauguration Day for the President.

I’m managing to stay relatively emotionally neutral at the moment, but I know many who are not. I know many who are very afraid for what this means for the country, and what it means for their lives.

The incoming is not a man that I would consider a good person. He is not a man that I would prefer to have anywhere near the leadership of my country but, he’s made it to the top.

Protests have begun. And they’ve already started teargassing the protesters.

I am scared for my friends who are not traditional Americans. I am scared for my friends who are not cis-white.

I am scared for those of my friends who have school age children. Especially given that bimbo that the incoming administration has nominated for Secretary of Education. All schools need guns because grizzly bears? What the hell.

I’m scared for the people who rely upon the ACA to have lifesaving medical care. I feel sorry for those people who have jobs because the ACA allowed hospitals and clinics to hire more staff.

I am uneasy looking at what’s coming. I won’t quite say I am scared, but I’m definitely not optimistic about the next 2 to 4 years, or even the next 8 years.

I can only hope that those who allowed this travesty to really take root can see what their decisive fear of the “not like” versus the “similar” has done.

The tea party movement may not have started because of we had a black president, but it definitely gained steam and members during his presidency. So don’t say it’s not race based. At the very least, it is hate based.

They couldn’t and downright refused to respect the 44th President of the United States, so what says that the rest of us need to respect the 45th President of this nation?

He is not my president. He lost the popular vote by over 3 million votes and he should not be sworn in tomorrow. The Electoral College was designed to prevent shit like this from happening, and yet it’s happened.

He is not my President. He is merely a number to me.