That big announcement…

Oh, I actually gave it. Sort of. Amazon’s being a bit of a dick – and thus, I wasn’t able to make it as awesome as I wanted to.

This is a big post guys, I’m sorry.

I released O’Mally’s Station in eBook format last week. I took a retail thing and made zero announcement about it formally. (In retail, this is called a “soft” opening/release.) Does this mean that I’m not going to advertise O’Mally’s Station? No. It doesn’t. I’m attempting to get it into the kindle store right now – and attempting to get it to the correct price, which is free. In my opinion, at zero cost to you, you should be able to read the first story in The Aurora Chronicles series.

Unfortunately – Amazon wants you to give away nothing for free. Nor do they want you to give it to folks for less than 99 cents either.

Being a single short story, a rather hyper-fast read, I wouldn’t feel right making you, the reader, pay 99 cents for it. I’d much rather give it to you for free, so I can later put sets of short stories and novels up for .99, 1.49, and 2.99 respectively.

I’ve made two appeals to Amazon to price match to the prices on Smashwords, iBooks, and the Nook store. The first one I was flat out told no. The second, I’m having to wait for a proper “response” – which, in the email, I was told could take up to the 29th for me to receive.

I don’t want to charge you an asinine amount of money for something when I’m not a big name. I just want to be able to make sure that you get your money’s worth. I won’t be able to recover my costs on anything for a while, I know that. My first goal is to simply pay one bill with my royalties when I start making them. Then, I’d like to be able to pay a second bill, and then a third bill. Each of these bills amounts to roughly 130 sales in the 99 cent category on Amazon, though if I’m reading these numbers right, it would only be about 55 sales of each with the Smashwords royalties. I think we can do that, but first, we need Amazon to cooperate.

However, while we’re at it, find O’Mally’s Station here: