Happy 2017


Obviously, I fell off the freaking posting schedule again. But, this time I’ve got something somewhat better going on in life and I feel like I’m finding my groove now.

It’s January 2nd 2017. Welcome to 2017, after such a horrible block of time for the fandom communities in 2016 – we can only hope that 2017 will treat us much better.

In that sense, I’ve got a few things that I am working on – and with any luck, I’ll work out a schedule for working on it all and will be able to start producing more than the occasional blog post.

Oh hello holidays

So, nanowrimo’s biggest spot of trouble besides the shadows in week two are today for American nanoers.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m hopefully going to be saving my own writing ass this weekend on my next two days off around putting up the Christmas trees. I have this weekend for my make it or break it. This is going to be interesting.