Good Morning, Folks!

Okay, so I’m stupidly awake at this hour. And by stupidly awake, I mean I usually have started to crash and burn. For those of you just joining me, I work overnights, from 10pm to 6am, and it’s now 9:15am local, and I feel like doing ALL THE THINGS. (Note: later today, Muse Monday will get launched. I’ll be launching the things I discussed in the last post slowly, maybe one or two per week until I have them all going on.)

Interesting full post behind the cut:

So for those who have been around for a while, you’ve probably been keeping a slight watch on my dietary trend. I’d mentioned that I wanted to return to a gluten free diet because I know that it makes me feel loads and loads better. Well, I had planned on it. I’m sort of started on the path, but it has failed spectacularly. One, I got sick and had to resort to the BRAT diet to get well again (and since I’m sensitive to bananas, it was bread/rice/applesauce/toast) – and then thanks to some other various budgetary hiccups, (sudden need to visit the eye doctor, wireless router crapped out, etc I swear, the entire bonus paycheck was gone in one day) – I’m down to a budget of ramen. And coffee. And tea. I love coffee and tea, and I’m pretty fond of ramen, even though it’s terrible for you. (This reminds me that I should probably drink a bottle of water now, since, well, you’ll see.)

This morning, after I got home from my errands, I decided to try and make some “fancy” ramen. By this, it’s where you add yummy foods to the noodles, and generally embellish the bowl. I was actually going to make miso version of the chicken ramen, and had planned on adding some meat to the bowl as well. However, I only bothered to add about a tablespoon of soy sauce to the boiling water, and it was delicious.

(Now, an hour after starting this post, I’m getting extremely sleepy. Time to track down a thing for muse monday.)