So. Change is in the air!

So for all of those individuals whom have been getting little slips of paper handed to them with this web address on it, Welcome.


Most of you have known that I’m a writer, and I’m constantly getting encouragement from almost all of you. Not to mention, I’ve recruited all of you to keep my happy self on track for NaNoWriMo every year since I’ve met most of you. Most of you have gotten the mini run down of what has happened recently, and all, but it hasn’t been really fully explained, and I ususally don’t get to answer questions, because I’ve been having to pass out the little slips as quickly as I can without really getting to talk to each of you.


Everything is explained behind the more link:

So, back in December the Executive Director of what I’ll call Job3 told me to go ahead and put in an application with their little office. I did, shortly before Christmas. Well, that week where I had the flu came and passed, and I hadn’t yet gotten a call back. I’d also acquired Job2 in the meantime. Then, one Saturday  I was sitting in a corner of Job1 doing some freelance tech work on a friend’s computer and one of Job3’s people sat down with my group and told me that I needed to come back by their little office.

So I did. And got told that they had lost my application the first time, and that they were sorry. And then I met their new executive chef. Because the guy they had had in December wasn’t there anymore. And they were kinda freaked out that they had lost my application as it was. So I filled out another one (it felt like the stupid thing was like 10,000 pages long), and was told that they were already planning on setting up my physical and drug test and all of those things. As in, I was already hired, pending the paperwork being filled out.

Flash forward to the next week, I’ve gotten all of my paperwork in, and passed everything. They’d started trying to schedule me before all the paperwork was in too. And then I dropped by their little office and asked when I should expect more information. I get told then that they didn’t yet have their Certificate of Occupancy, (which for those of you whom have no experience with public facilities preopening means that noone can be in the building), and that as soon as they had that we’d have a timeline.

By that saturday, they have it and are now on move mode. First people to move in do so on the 16th, though my last full time day at Job1 isn’t going to be until the 24th. However, I am going to be over there hanging out with them for their grand opening event thing on the 15th.

Now, to get my stuff together today and see about a new uniform shirt. I need a long sleeved white button down that I can wear a tie with. /sigh I might end up raiding the boy’s dress shirt zone in Target. I’m going to try JCPenny first, though. I have a gift card to there. 😀