Well, the last weekend of NaNo…

…and I didn’t get saved.

In fact. I only gained about 1k words.

Either way, I went into the last five days over ten thousand words behind, it was almost a full fifteen thousand words behind. And today, I’m still about nine thousand words behind. Why, because it is almost agonizing to type more than about six to eight hundred words in an hour. I know. Twenty four hours in a day, only needed about two thousand words per day to pass the finish line with no problems. Problem: Work. Monday, went in early, stayed late + had work meeting from 4 to 6. Tuesday, went in early (0530); stayed later (1530). Wednesday. Got called in early this morning, and stayed till 1530. Am quite exhausted.


But, I think my ass will still be saved. Enter: Dragon Dictation software. I spent twenty minutes in nearly stand still traffic teaching it common novelist words so that I wouldn’t have to tell it how to spell EVERY DAMN THING. It learned well, though “president” came out “Pres.” and “alien two” came out “alien to”; it’s doing all right. I’m going to put it to the test here in a minute, after I get the back of my throat cleared out well enough to play.