Well, that didn’t work the way I expected.

Hi guys.

Adrienne here, and I know, I’ve dropped off on the posting again. This time, I have a better reason than simply being forgetful. I have, for the time being, no internet access at my house: which means that even though I want to post, I’m not able to.

I’m hoping to have internet back midway through Novemeber, but that does mean that you’ll see a lot of me through scheduled postings all put on the site on either friday or saturdays. I’m about to put three or four posts into the schedule queue, just of prompts, and then I’m going to go ahead and write a few about other things as well.


Either way, we have only 26 days until NaNoWriMo 2013. I’m setting myself a little higher goal than I have in the past this year, and I hope to accomplish it. My goal is to write 2k words on days I work, and 3k on days that I don’t. This should put me near 70k at the end of the month, with two completed (hopefully) stories. I’m now getting on track to finish two other short stories as well. All four stories are based in the same universe, which I’m beginning to tilt deeper and deeper into. I’m hard core back into pure sci-fi, and it looks like I’ll be staying here a while.