2014, New Year, New Plan

Hey guys, as you have probably guessed, I still don’t have internet at my residence. I’m still working on that. I’ve got a plan, but it is going to take me another week or two, I think.


Anyways, I had planned on putting my mind back to weekly prompts, but I doubt that I’ll be able to keep up the daily prompt idea that I had.


I’m working extra hours each week at work, and I have an application in with the local sheriff’s department to become a dispatcher. This would nearly triple my take home amount and it would put me in a far more stable situation.


My father is 77 years old, and he’s not in the best of health, and due to the signifigant gap between real wages and the living wage I’m living in the house my parents own jointly while they’ve moved to another part of the country. When he goes across into the summerlands, it is a given that the house will be sold as quickly as possible. The doctor gave him a couple of years to live back in 2006, so legitamately he could go at any point in time.


Anyway, i should stop rambling, and get back to writing posts about writing.