So… Hi March, bye March, Hullo April…

Why am I not all the surprised that I fell off the planet for the month of march?

Long slightly ramble-y post will be long and ramble-y.

For one, Spock passed away the day after my last post. It took me a week to process that. And, at the same time, a friend gave me something new to fangirl over, and I pretty much spent the month of march being a dorky fangirl, while managing to score a couple of weeks worth of decent hours.

So I’ve tagged a few things on this post and I’ll make sure if you just want to read about one thing, you’ll be able to find it with ease. (Look for it in orange. You’ll find it.)



2015 Year of Writing:
I’ve hit a bit of a road block. Serious writer’s block, mostly spawned by a combination of a few things, reminding me that I do have rather serious depressive spells. I’ve spent the better part of the last several weeks forcible pushing myself out of a serious down swing.

The Aurora Chronicles:
Since I’ve hit writer’s block via a depressive state, I haven’t managed to get a lot done on the series in recent weeks. I have however, identified another novel plot sneaking around in the series, which gives me the 4th novel that I’m sure of in the series. Now, I have to actually timeline it, work out the kinks in it and name it. I have a few ideas, but I’m not planning on getting ahead of myself here.

Camp NaNoWriMo:
I had entirely planned on doing this with a 25k goal this month, and well, I’d have to nearly write 3k a day to get there, and I’m not sure that I could hold that progress for more than three or four days at most.

I’m a science fiction nerd clean through. I belong to a small army of Star Trek groups on facebook and well, they were doing a lot of those “Who would win” debates, and one character combination spawned enough of a serious debate that the thread of conversation was nearly five times the length of that which I was used to seeing in that particular group. What was most interesting to me was that the fans were pretty evenly divided. If the two characters had a space battle, the star trek character would win, easily. If they met in hand to hand combat, it became harder to tell, with the trend leaning towards the other character. ┬áThe two characters were Kathryn Janeway and Susan Ivanova. I started seeking out the other series and promptly discovered that while I am a seriously obsessed star trek fan, I am an equally as obsessed babylon 5 fan. (Not going to lie, I think my bestie is tired of B5 for now. I’m not yet, and I have many headcannons and theories and things and well.)

Mundane Job:
now for the largest angry bit you’ll see me post in a while. (TL:DR; fuck this place.)
My freaking mundane job.
To say that I hate this place is honestly an understatement nowadays. Beyond an understatement honestly. I’ve been trying to transfer from one building operated by the company to another because the other building is offering me full time and I really need that. EVERYWHERE ELSE I’ve worked, you find out about an opening in another part of the company, and you reach out. If they like you, you get an offer for the job, and then you reach out to human resources, and then HR takes care of actually getting you transferred and letting all parties know and whatnot. Here, it’s the same only for the first three steps. Then it becomes a convoluted mess. This mess includes you having to do a lot of the going between the two locations. It’s up to you to make all the phone calls and tell everyone to talk to each other. It’s up to you to handle telling everyone that you’re transferring, and to take you off the schedule, it’s up to you to do all of this.
I would have had *less paperwork* and *less stress* if I’d just quit location A and applied to location B. AND, knowing how this company works, I’d have likely started working over there in less time than it’s apparently taken me to get transferred. -.-