Yeah, I dropped off the face of the planet again, and as usual, I have no excuse except for the simple fact that I’m terrible at remembering to do things without to-do lists. (And even then I’m still not good at getting everything done.)


I spent most of March and April fighting with my company to get transferred to another location – and it finally went through at the end of April, and I started at the new location on the second. I’m still HIGHLY obsessed with Babylon 5 – I’m thinking that there may be a chance that my love of B5 might just be able to take over my love of Star Trek. For those who know me, this is a seriously huge deal.


I haven’t really written anything in close to three months. This is terrible and I know it. I *know* it. So today, I’m getting my shit together and attempting to get myself back in the groove of writing. I shouldn’t have lost it, but then again – I do have issues with maintaining the kind of focus this dream of mine requires. I’ve almost always suspected that I’ve got ADD, maybe ADHD – but I’ve never been tested for it. When I was in school, my parents wouldn’t allow for the testing, and now that I’m an adult, I simply can’t afford the testing.


I’ve also had a birthday now – it was May 12. So, I guess, Happy Birthday to me and yay another year? I guess. Anyways, here’s to getting through the year unscathed.