Happy New Year!

Today is December 31st where I’m at, so we’ve got just a few more hours to the new year, and parts of the world have already crossed the date line.

I have lots of things planned for the new year, and well, here we go!

First and foremost:

.               Yep. You’re seeing that correctly. I’m opening up another website for me to take care of, but I will only actually have to update it about once per month. Whereas, I plan on trying to update the blog here more often than that. (I’m aiming for once a week again. We’ll see.)

.               The new website is going to be a one stop shop for all kinds of news about my writing, and publishing schedule. Yes, you’re reading that right too. 2015 is a year where I am planning on being able to declare a publishing schedule. In fact, I should be able to narrow down a timeline for a couple of things here within the next month. So, sometime in January, expect a declared time when you should be able to purchase something that was written by me.


.               2015 is going to be a big year for this series. I’m only going to be working on two sets of things hardcore this year, and those are The Aurora Chronicles and the second project I haven’t entirely decided upon yet. I do know that for the first three months of this year, I’m going to be working pretty exclusively on most of the short stories in the Aurora universe. Why, you ask? Because well, I’d like to self-publish those before I take Blindly Stargazing through the traditional route of publishing. If I can get it picked up by a traditional route, I probably won’t admit to it being a part of a larger universe of books, unless it’s on the website alone. I will definitely proffer a special edition of the book, only if it doesn’t even have any interest by November 15th, through self-publishing. At that point in time, I guess I’ll be skipping the entire notion of traditional publishing at all, until I get to a point where I want to work on my steampunk or urban fantasy situations. Those will each be offered to traditional publishers as well. Well, one of the urban fantasy ones will, the other will not be – as I wish to maintain absolute control over every single part of it from start to finish.


.               This means that at least by the end of the year, I should have not less than 2 short story omnibuses available, and a publishing date for Blindly Stargazing. I should also have my proper author website up, a better pattern to my blogging habits, and nearly a million words written. Some of those words will be rewritten words, some of them would probably be counted via edits. (hopefully none of them would be edits, but let’s be real – I only have so much creativity in me)
.               This also means that I’m hoping to get my shit together and actually make this thing work. Especially in the face of the adversary that I do have in the form of lack of support from people that should be supporting me no matter what. I’m also reading a whole lot of writing books, I’m also taking in as much writing information as I can. I’ve got quite a few writing books in my control, and I’ll be reading through them hopefully at a rate of one a week. I won’t finish the stack by the end of the year and I do know that as a fact. (I do have quite a stack, I kid you not. Some  211 folders sorted by author and in the large file folder there are a few loose files floating around in it as well, coming to a total of nearly 230 items in the big folder and some of those folders have multiple files in them.
.               I look forward to this year now, and I have hope that all of my ambition pays off. Help hold me to it? You never know when it might turn out to be a really cool deal for those who’ve been around a while.