It Worked For A While

And then, with a spectacular crash into a downward swing in my overall mood, I missed quite a few days in my writing schedule. The goal in 2015 is to get to an absolutely daily writing habit. It’s quite sketchy still, but I am getting better at the idea.

I got off to what appeared to be a good start, and then the mundane job work hours caught up with me. I’m a natural insomniac, so it’s actually quite unsurprising when I go for many days only sleeping in little bursts and then suddenly I sleep 16 hours at a time for several days.

I’m quite a large chunk behind on my year goal (3% or some 31,815 words), but it is still quite early in the year, and I am definitely committing to both Camp NaNoWriMos this year, as well as traditional NaNoWriMo as well.

My goal this year is to at least have a couple short story ebooks out – and to have begun the hard core shopping around of a full novel to traditional publishers. We’ll see how this actually works.

Truthfully, February is looking like it’s going to be a good month for me to catch up on writing in, mostly because it’s critical that I get away from the current mundane job. I’m working a grand total of 84 hours in the whole month, and that is quite certainly not going to be good for me financially.

I won’t be leaving the house much, and I’ll be doing an inordinate amount of both reading and writing. And editing as well. Hopefully, I get most of the things I need to off my desk into the completed stage before the 15th.

There will also be a large number of blog posts getting written up and scheduled, so you’ll see some more activity here.

=== end of part one of the massive blog post === keep reading if you want, but the most important bits are above. ===

Now, onward to more information.

My grand plan for 2015 was to get to a point where I had reached the equivalent sales of 1 book a week for the entire year. Even with the first book not being released until mid to late April. I’m actually hoping to get two short story sets out in April/May, but something has come up that will likely delay one of those sets. It’s a good something, so I’m not entirely worried about it, but it does still put some plans on hold.

With how skimpy my February schedule is looking, I’m aiming to get most, if not all, of the current stories in the universe belonging to The Aurora Chronicles completed and through personal edits as well as a first wave of professional edits and beta readers.

I’m also hoping to get at least one of my other projects at least to a finished draft.

I’ll probably also go back to proofreading/formatting and beta reading for hire as well.

My finances this month are going to be set back by not less than 200.00 – so I need to get something rolling as fast as I can. Blessedly – I do have a brita pitcher at my house, and a few 16.9 fl oz water bottles, so I can drink some things up that simply exist in the house. I’ll probably cruise through most of my tea supply in the next month as well. I’ll be rather hungry though – hopefully I’ll get the hang of actually noticing that I should make some food long before I reach the ‘I-need-to-eat-right-now-or-pass-out’ stage of hungry. That’s one of my main problems, actually. I go from being so not hungry that the concept of considering eating makes me nauseous to so hungry I’m on the brink of passing out. It’s not fun, and in several years, I haven’t managed to get past that issue.


Back to the words though. I’m generally a realist about things. I know well what I can and cannot do. Here’s to hoping I can pull in at least $40 extra this month by any method I have available to me via the internet.