Happy St Patrick’s Day

So. March 17th.

St. Patrick’s Day. Or for the Irish, St. Paddy’s Day. (Yes, I’m an irish descendant.)

In America, it goes GREEN STUFF then BOOZE. Either way, today I am posting with a bit of a point, and the green isn’t the reason.

First and foremost, I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo this April. Whoo! (I have got to be insane. I also say that every time I sign up for a nano thing.)

I’m going to be working on my space saga stuff again. (I might be heads over heels in love with sci-fi, just saying.) And I hope to get a few things done. I’m writing a series of short stories, because I seem to be having trouble with the longer things right now.

I’m in the editing stages on one short story, I’ve got three to five more that I can pick up and start working on. I hope to be able to clump them together in one book, paper or ebook, I’m not sure yet.



Second: I’ve got the food blog up, and I’m going to be posting on it anywhere from once to four times a month. Find it {HERE}.



And finally, the topic that I poke on a regular basis. FANFICTION.

Why fanfiction? Because it is a hot topic in the writing world.

My opinion on the subject is as follows:

Fanfiction is useful to writers, as it allows them to play trial and error with writing styles or voices in a situation where they do not have to create anything.

Writing to me is two pronged, Content Creation, and style/form of writing. It is far more difficult to learn a style or form when one is ALSO content creating. You’re still learning about a world or characters, you don’t have the knowledge required to write in a form that you may not use normally.

See, I usually write in 3rd person limited. I’ve been using fanfiction type writing to work on my POV skills. (I’m failing miserably, but that’s not the point.) What do I know well enough to play with? Various Star Treks and Harry Potter. What have I been doing? Little scenes here and there. I’m getting better, but it’s still quite lousy. It’s going to take me years to get to a decent level of being able to write in first person.

I also use it to practice smooth transitions from POV to POV when I’m doing a story with flip flop pattern.

I know of some individuals whom hate fanfiction. Not because it uses other people’s characters and scenery. But because it isn’t original. To me, it’s not meant to be original, it’s more of a writing practice. Fanfiction is more of a stepping stone into full blown creative writing, at least, that’s what it is to me.

Also, I regard fanfiction as one of the highest forms of honor, after all, do you know how much work goes into getting a decent piece up on fanfiction.net?

Hate me if you want, but my opinion is my own, and this is the opinion that will be maintained by the website henceforth.


Much love,