So, I’ve promised updates, and here are at least a couple.

The food blog is up! Its not very active yet, because I haven’t sat down to type up the next two posts.

So. First things to cover first: the short story that I keep mentioning. I’ve decided that I will accomplish something with it, so I’m putting it through one to two more rounds of edits and then I’ve decided to try submitting it to Asimov’s. I’m so freaked out about it you have no idea. But it fits inside their word limit, so I think its at least worth trying. Especially since the piece is longer than most contests allow. Its about 5,900 words or so.

Also, I’d mentioned that I had signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo. Yeah.I’m behind. Hella behind. In fact, I believe I’m right at 5,200 words behind. I’m more like 9,200 words behind, because it’s taken me two days to finish this post.¬†However, an opportunity had popped up for me to get my short story edited for dirt cheap, so I redid a personal edit on it and will be sending it to this new editor relatively quickly. So, I’m behind mostly because of that.

Now I’m back to writing on Camp NaNoWriMo, and I should hit a groove soon.