So, this….

So, I’m way too excited to be getting internet back at my house. This means, that not only will I be able to start online classes again, but I’ll be able to just LEARN.

I love to learn, without a doubt. I’m almost always trying to teach myself something new. My current major learning projects include refreshing my learned French, and learning Irish Gaelic. (Useful online tool: – useful for loads of languages)

Why Irish Gaelic, you ask? Because I intend to spend 30 days for my 30th birthday in the British Isles. I do not plan on sticking out like the sore american thumb.

I also intend to be debt free by then. We’ll see how this will work. I’m hoping to have a MUCH better job between now and then, but that isn’t looking too good. (The better job would be my “perma-job” until I retire or can manage to make enough to live comfortably anywhere in the world on my writings alone. After all, to start out it would give me $3,100/month.) However, I applied for said job in LATE November 2013, and I know they pushed back the we’ll-have-applications-read-by-this-date date, but still, it’s been about 9 weeks since I hit submit, and I haven’t heard a damn thing.


Also, today in work news: BRAIN DEATH. Had a “foundations” class. I was so darn bored, I was reading my Boss’s text messages over her shoulder. And she was so bored, that she was letting me. X.x


Now, onto the Space Saga tag: What was 5 stories, has now grown to not less than 10. I really need a name for this damn series. Because it’s a damn series. Lots of short stories though. I’ve never been that good of a shorts writer before, and here I am, busting them out wicked fast.

Now, I started writing these short stories because I wanted to try for the Writer’s Digest Annual Short Story Competition. My first finished piece was 6,300 words. After it’s third edit, it’s down to 5,900 or so. Still not short enough, so I’m trying to write other shorts to see if I can get a good one (IMHO) to send in. They’re traditionally relationships, but all sci-fi. Lots of characters from the first short are “talking” to me about themselves, and their relationships.

Anyways, back to info about the contest: It’s a 4,000 word limit and the first deadline (the early bird) for entries is always in May (I never pay attention to the other deadlines). When I first decided to try for it, my shortest story was nearly finished 58,000 words strong boehmith. I’d never tried a decent stand alone short story before. But I had this idea, and I didn’t feel like I could take it long, so I tried for short. It was also half way through April.

I didn’t finish the first short in time. I hit 5,200 words on it and I knew I wasn’t finished, so I went ahead and gave up on making the deadline I wanted to make. Now, two years later, and with it on it’s 4th edit, my editor buddy says it’s damned good fiction. He thinks I can sell it.

I’m stoked. Way stoked. And my mother even believes I can manage to do this now.

I’ve also got two other stories with that same main character. She doesn’t have a happy life. Somehow, I finish stories where I cause my MC pain (lots of pain, I’ve nearly killed one off in a fanfiction. first fanfic I’ve actually finished writing too) far easier than I do the stories where it’s mostly a-okay.


He (editor fellow) thinks the rest of the ideas I have (in the space saga series) are flipping fantastic, and he’s looking forward to working on them. (though he’s asked me if space saga is the series name and I balled out laughing at his look of pain. It’s not, i’ve just had no luck figuring out what the WHOLE so far 11 stories should be called. Other than saga will not be a part of it, methinks.)

I have a feb 15th deadline for myself to get the next short done. A feb 28th deadline for the other. Because of probably (undiagnosed) ADD, I have to work on them simultaneously. I can never work on just one thing at once.


Anyways. Off I go, back to pecking away at the keyboard. Must write MOAR.