Help out the Author!

So, I want to do something interesting here. What kind of interesting things should I do? I want to post fun things as well as more serious things, and I’m trying to decide what nifty things I can do with ease.

I’m thinking something like, FanFriday, obviously Caturday (since I do have cats), maybe Muse Mondays, and Whimsy Wednesdays? And possibly Technical Tuesdays and Truthful Thursdays? A rotating schedule of these things, so I’m not writing 3 to 5 blog posts a week, because I know myself, and I am a procrastinator/slacker (also anxiety and some form of ADHD, so yeah…).

So, Muse Mondays would probably include writing prompts, cool pictures, or links to really nifty things.

Technical Tuesdays would likely contain grammar tips, plot tips, world building, research tips, character creation, etc. All kinds of things to do with actual writing.

Whimsy Wednesdays would likely feature more on twitter and Instagram than here on the blog, as it would likely more often than not simply be me acting silly or being excited about my hair. (if you don’t know about the hair, go look me up, @huskersgirllaura)

Truthful Thursdays would be the days where I speak absolutely truthfully on some subject. Be it #breakthestigma, or just a question I’ve been asked, I’ll try to answer it as clearly and concisely as I can.

FanFridays would be the day where I promote something I’m a fan of. Or where I just fangirl in general. I do that. I do that well.

And then Caturday. I’m not going to explain caturday. You’re on the internet. You’ve more than likely heard of it by now. This will definitely be cross posted from Instagram and twitter and depending on what I want to say, even here on the blog.

I’m trying to become more active, and more engaging. I’ll get there. Also, all of these things would likely cross over onto facebook too, just so you’re in the know.