I will always feel kind of bad….

Because I haven’t been able to purchase all of the NaNoWriMo group’s books that interest me. Often, it actually boils down to the simple fact that I don’t even make the minimum of a living wage where I live, so I generally have to choose between which bill here and there and eating.

I wanted to post to one of the wrimos today that if they would link me to their book on Amazon, I’d see if it fit into my too small budget this week, and if it did, come payday, I’d buy it. That’s usually how it is, and right now, most of my book purchases are currently planned out for the next three months. (Kate Mulgrew’s Born With Teeth, is the major splurge – I’ll be buying that hardback – so it’ll be over $25 – which I’ve already got mostly saved as a tiny little gift to myself.) Read more “I will always feel kind of bad….”