Happy Birthday to me, and a new Writing:101

So today is my birthday. I’m 25 today, which means cheaper car insurance, and no more obnoxious fees if I need or want to rent a car. And honestly, thats about it.

I had been meaning to do a new post for the Writing:101 series for a few days, but I kept getting distracted by things going on around me. This one is going to be about character creation.


Probably one of the scariest things to create, and quite possibly one of the easiest things to muck up.
However, they are the most important thing to any story.

Because you can’t have a story without characters. It just doesn’t work like that.

How should you build your characters?
To me, there’s not really just one way. I have a master list of things I like to know about any character, and usually I’ll start with that. My master list includes such things as height, weight, body type, eye color, hair color. But, it also includes things like: normal hairstyle, formal hairstyle, favorite color, favorite foods, general likes and dislikes.
My master list of things I generally like to know about my characters also includes pertinent details such as the way the voice sounds, if they have an accent, and if they have a handicap. The mighty list also includes things that are pertinent to the type of story I’m writing. Such as: in my fantasy stories if the character has magic or not; and in my space saga stories it includes what species, a fleet rank, and a full dossier on their career in the fleet if necessary.

But I’m afraid I’ll mess them up!
Don’t be. Your characters are what your story is built on. In fact,most of my stories came to be off of a character build. I love character building. Probably a little too much, seeing as I have a binder full of stock characters that I can pull and mesh into any of my working projects. -.-

Now, back to the notion of the fact that today is my birthday. As a present to myself,  with the cash I was given by a few people, I got myself a NookHD+. So forgive the typing errors as I’m still learning how to use it at this time.
Adrienne, on the Nook