Hey! I know I promised a Technical Tuesday” post this week, but like the airhead I am occasionally, I forgot. Additionally, where I work has this thing where, when it storms, the downtime basically vanishes, and I spend a good 40% of my shift telling people the power is out, and that it’s nothing to be worried about. And it has stormed enough that I could hear the thunder through my noise cancelling headphones and a boat might be a good idea for my yard.

So, the delay:

Obviously, there’s going to be one. I’ve got nothing on hand except for the bones of what was supposed to be this week’s Technical Tuesday. And I’m currently looking around for blog themes. It’s been 3 years with this theme, and while I rather like most of it, it’s gotten to the point that I’m also not very fond of it anymore.

I’m also writing up a *big* thing about how authors make money and how to judge when it is a good time to consider cutting loose from the normal mundane world and becoming a self employed author. In my personal opinion, I know when *I* would do it, but when I would make the jump might not be right for everyone. But, this is a good way to judge what your expectations ought to look like. I need to figure out how to upload files for download, because I think this might outgrow the size most people would want to read in even one or two blog posts. (NOTE: the big money post has been brought to you by the fact I got a royalty deposit for $0.35. Wheeeeee!/sarcasm)