Writing Prompts: Week of June 16th-22nd 2013

Once again, its prompt time. I promise that I’m going to get the hang of this sooner or later. Of course, its this typing on the nook with two little bitty sticks. Once again, if I don’t tell you how many words, assume between 250-500 words.

Sunday: Write about an Island, which can’t sustain life for long.

Monday: Go to a public place, and write about two of the patrons there.

Tuesday: Write about something that no one else seems to notice in the room.

Wednesday: Write about the man seated at the end of the bar. He’s well dressed, but he’s resting his head on his arms, which are folded on the bar.

Thursday: Someone is playing the piano, in a place where memories and the ability to remember things are rare. (Such as in an older person’s home.)

Friday: What if Charles Darwin were indirectly responsible for the invention of the birth control pill?

Saturday: Write about a letter, which is neither a rejection or an acceptance.


With absolutely no shame, I love a website known as Seventh Sanctum. It helped me out this week a little bit.