Technical Tuesday 0004

What’s this? A second post this week already?

Why yes, yes it is!

This one is actually one I promised a bit back, a final review of my wireless speaker (literally it’s initially covered in Technical Tuesday 0003).

I’ve now had my little Anker soundcore for a couple of months.

It lives in my purse.

I literally have only one complaint about it at all, and that’s that it did not come with an aux cable, but hey, those are cheap as hell so it’s not the biggest of big deals. It’s compatible with ANY aux cable you have laying around, so the cord to my high quality skull candy headphones that are massive has gotten hijacked for the wireless speaker for those days I want to be able to actually hear netflix on my writing laptop. Ironically, this laptop does great with onboard media. But the instant I want to watch netflix or youtube, the max volume drops by half, it’s really weird.

I haven’t charged him in a little over a week and according to the icon on my phone, he’s still at roughly half battery. I’ve not had any issues with battery life at all.

Only actual time I’ve had a moment of concern, I was running one of my binaural beat apps and it stopped producing sound at all. As long as I’m not running that sort of sound through it, everything is fine. (Besides, Binaural beats work better through headphones anyways, but I was testing it.)

It’s got decent sound levels from lowest to highest, good sound for something as cheap as it was. No serious complaints at all. No matter how you look at it, I 100% recommend this little guy for his volume levels and portability as well as battery life.