I admit, I’m bad at getting together and writing blog posts and getting them posted.

Very bad at it. But, I am working on a few posts so hopefully, it won’t be quite so barren around here.

On that note, some interesting things to know:

I’ve purchased the cover for one of my stand alone books.

I’m planning on getting that same cover artist to do the art for the O’Mally’s Trilogy, which I had originally hoped to get to an editor within the next week for release near the end of July. That’s not happening now – because I can’t work out how I’d like to do one of the stories, and I’ve still got to finish the third.

And I’m going to start posting, hopefully once a week, maybe every other week, a question that I was asked for some of my characters. So, here we go!

Also, I’m hoping to do camp nanowrimo in July, so who’s with me?