Muse Monday 0002

Muse Monday!

Woohooo! Here’s to hoping that I manage to stay on track from here on out, yes?

Onwards to today’s MUSE MONDAY!

I know that when I’m writing, I absolutely love to listen to music. Sometimes it’s actual music soundtracks, sometimes it’s classical music, and sometimes it’s royalty free music.

Today, we’re discussing ROYALTY FREE MUSIC. My favorite source (of which I have some 27 active somethings on my current playlist) is this: ><. I love the things I find here, and I love the system by which they sort things even more.

My current three favorite scores of the Incompetech creator’s are: Jellyfish in Space, Floating Cities, and Infinite Perspective. The songs aren’t too busy, and they’re not too heavy and make excellent background noise for me to work on my steampunk story (Of Mage Lights and War Machines)¬†and my space saga (The Aurora Universe).

Check them out and enjoy all the lovely music that can keep your stories going!