Muse Monday 0003

Hey lookie! It’s a little late, but it’s another Muse Monday post!

If you’re just joining the club here today, a quick review: Muse Mondays are days that I post things that inspire the muse and that I’d like to share with all of you!

Today’s Muse Monday is going to be a little different from the previous ones because I want to tell you something I’ve discovered triggers a desire to write. This isn’t something digital today, it’s actually something in the physical world.


Pens, Pencils, Markers, you name it, I *love* them. Everything I comment about here today I’ll list at the end with Amazon links, because why not share the love? The reason I think these things inspire the muse is because it makes it so easy to storyboard and plot and even snowflake out my stories if I have multiple colors available to me. And having all the colors laid out on the desk is so pretty and

Onwards to the Writing Utensils:

I personally prefer Zebra F-301s for my day to day writing (including most work related tasks), and Zebra G-301s for journaling. The steel tubes make them easy to spot down in my dark and overcrowded purses, they’re durable and you can buy ink replacements for them as well. This makes them a very valuable tool for writing in my life.

Next up, we have Papermate Inkjoys. I love the variety of colors in these pens. When I was working as a server – this helped me to keep my tables straight. Each table had a single ticket, but each seat had a specific color that I’d use to make sure I remembered everything that a single person ordered or asked me about. I actually use three versions of this pen, being the normal ballpoints in both the capped and clicky variety as well as the gel pen clickers. These are also fantastic for keeping track of various characters on a storyboard as you’re plotting out your stories. Each character can have a color and trust me when I say that helps.

Onwards to the Sharpie. Those who know me in person know that I love love love sharpies, and almost always have three or four at hand. I use the sharpie pens in many colors to handle my planners. (I use both a bullet journal and a passion planner, and color code things in each.) I use normal sharpies in all the colors for various speed writings that I do to work on plots and storylines. I use the highlighters during editing phases, along with the pens. I also use the highlighters in my physical copies of Writer’s Market that I buy, it allows me to mark the publishers and agents that I think I might want to look into for the possibility of traditional publication.



Zebra F-301:

Zebra G-301:

Papermate Inkjoy (clicker):

Papermate Inkjoy (capped):

Papermate Inkjoy Gel:

Sharpie Pens:

Sharpie Markers:

Sharpie Highlighters: