Writing Prompts, week of September 29th through October 5th

Of course, I’m behind. That’s why I’m trying to schedule several of these things at once.
Once again, 250-500 words, unless I clearly state otherwise.


Sunday: write about how the night won’t save anyone.

Monday: Write about the meeting between two people who were old flames.

Tuesday: write about travel.

Wednesday: Writing from a character’s point of view, write about something they never do. Then, write about something they always do.

Thursday: Have a character take a detour.

Friday: Begin with the following dialouge: “These are three things my father told me:…”

Saturday: FREE WRITE.

Writing Prompts, week of Sept 8th-Sept 14th

So. Like usual, each prompt is valued at between 250-500 words.

Sunday: ¬†This is the color I remember…

Monday: Write about a car trip.

Tuesday: Write about a time that someone went too far.

Wednesday: In the USA, 9/11/01 is a date we can never forget. What are the things that you do and do not remember about that day?

Thursday: “I was in a cemetery.”


Saturday: Write about someone who sinned.

Writing Prompts, week of Sept 1st-Sept 7th

Prompt Time!!

Each prompt is valued at 250-500 words. However, one of them I won’t be bothered if you can’t make it.

Sunday: write a December memory.

Monday: Free Write!

Tuesday: write about your neighborhood at 5pm. (What its like at 5pm, not sit down and write at 5pm)

Wednesday: you eavesdrop on a conversation. What do you hear?

Thursday: the time between dusk and dawn.

Friday: write about a fragrance.

Saturday: write about a place you long for.

Writing Prompts, Week of August 25th-August 31st

Forgive me for this not having tags, I can’t remember the ones I usually use on prompt posts, and I don’t have the tag cloud handy.

Apparently, I lied when I last said I was back on track. Many apologies. I wasn’t feeling iit, but that’s no excuse.

So, here we go. Each prompt is valued at between 250-500 words.

Sunday: write about the morning after it all happened.

Monday: write about what hasn’t happened.

Tuesday: you are in the backyard.

Wednesday: write about a dangerous ride. (This one is a wee bit ironic, as the delta fair starts exactly two days later.)

Thursday: “my mother once told me…”

Friday: her red hair shined so bright.

Saturday: “I believe we’re all crazy”

They are all very unimaginative prompts this week, but, only because I wanted you to have prompts tonight rather than later. I’ll have some good ones for next week.


I didn’t quite mean to fall off the planet again, but I went from relatively calm dual off days to working 6 days a week and having far too much to take care of in the 12 hours I had available to me on my lone day off.

Add into this chaos a visit from my parents, and needless I didn’t get anything done for Camp NaNo, I got far more stressed out than usual, and the last two weeks rather just sucked.


Anyways, I’ll be back on track within this next week. I have a little bit of stuff to take care of, but I should be able to get everything together to resume the weekly prompts.


And since I’ve been waiting for breakfast for 2 hours now, I’m going to vanish. My breakfast company is here finally! <3