Writing Prompts, Week of August 25th-August 31st

Forgive me for this not having tags, I can’t remember the ones I usually use on prompt posts, and I don’t have the tag cloud handy.

Apparently, I lied when I last said I was back on track. Many apologies. I wasn’t feeling iit, but that’s no excuse.

So, here we go. Each prompt is valued at between 250-500 words.

Sunday: write about the morning after it all happened.

Monday: write about what hasn’t happened.

Tuesday: you are in the backyard.

Wednesday: write about a dangerous ride. (This one is a wee bit ironic, as the delta fair starts exactly two days later.)

Thursday: “my mother once told me…”

Friday: her red hair shined so bright.

Saturday: “I believe we’re all crazy”

They are all very unimaginative prompts this week, but, only because I wanted you to have prompts tonight rather than later. I’ll have some good ones for next week.

Writing Prompts: Week of June 30th- July 6th

Here we go, back on track. Mostly.

Like usual, the old school rules apply. 250-500 words per prompt. For those of you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this year, expect some weird posts from me about that later in the week.


Sunday: Long after I encountered (you fill in the blank here) the first time, I came across it again. Describe how (your fill in the black) changed if it did at all.

Monday: The possibilities are endless, what would you do with a lotto jackpot?

Tuesday: Write a short bit about a veteran space cruise Captain answering questions that he is tired of answering.

Wednesday: Name a good something possible. Now, how would you go about making it inevitable?

Thursday: Write about a voice that most people refuse to hear.

Friday:  ~ FREE WRITE ~

Saturday: Open a short with this line of Dialogue: “So, it has come to this.”

Writing Prompts: Week of June 23rd – June 29th

One thousand and one apologies for the fact that this is coming in at the end of the week, for real.


Here we go! If I don’t tell you how many words in the entry for the day, remember it’s 250-500 for the normal word count range.


Sunday: Write about an hour of the day where nothing goes right.

Monday: This is what you can see by starlight.

Tuesday: It was sunday, the time it happened.

Wednesday: Write about a massive digital projection clock, one you can see from across town.

Thursday: This is where I went wrong, but everything turned out alright.

Friday: Write about small changes.

Saturday: Write about what kind of life you’d expect to see in an alien subterranean water world, such as under the Ice of Europa, one of the moons of Juipter.

Writing Prompts: Week of June 16th-22nd 2013

Once again, its prompt time. I promise that I’m going to get the hang of this sooner or later. Of course, its this typing on the nook with two little bitty sticks. Once again, if I don’t tell you how many words, assume between 250-500 words.

Sunday: Write about an Island, which can’t sustain life for long.

Monday: Go to a public place, and write about two of the patrons there.

Tuesday: Write about something that no one else seems to notice in the room.

Wednesday: Write about the man seated at the end of the bar. He’s well dressed, but he’s resting his head on his arms, which are folded on the bar.

Thursday: Someone is playing the piano, in a place where memories and the ability to remember things are rare. (Such as in an older person’s home.)

Friday: What if Charles Darwin were indirectly responsible for the invention of the birth control pill?

Saturday: Write about a letter, which is neither a rejection or an acceptance.


With absolutely no shame, I love a website known as Seventh Sanctum. It helped me out this week a little bit.

Writing Prompts: Week of June 9th-15th 2013

Each week, I’ll post up a new set of writing prompts. They’ll be short, and you won’t need to go a long way with them. If I don’t give a general word count in the prompt itself, assume between 250 to 500 words is the minimum. If you want, post them in the comments below, or migrate on over to the forums and post them there.


Sunday: Write a dinner scene, where one character intends to finish something.

Monday: Write at least 500 words about a business woman and a locket.

Tuesday: Write a recollection. Something from the past that you haven’t thought about in a while.

Wednesday: Write about the future as you hope either science or technology can advance.

Thursday: Choose a type of weather. Write about a character that is affected by it.

Friday: A master of some field discovers that their field of expertise is based upon a massive falsehood. (i.e. meteorologists, colliding cold and warm fronts don’t cause thunderstorms, something else does.)

Saturday: Write about a high ranking member of a religious organization learning that another path holds more truth than their own.


I’ll try to keep this up by getting ahead of myself and having them auto post. Otherwise, here they are for this week.