Happy Birthday to me, and a new Writing:101

So today is my birthday. I’m 25 today, which means cheaper car insurance, and no more obnoxious fees if I need or want to rent a car. And honestly, thats about it.

I had been meaning to do a new post for the Writing:101 series for a few days, but I kept getting distracted by things going on around me. This one is going to be about character creation.
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So. Change is in the air!

So for all of those individuals whom have been getting little slips of paper handed to them with this web address on it, Welcome.


Most of you have known that I’m a writer, and I’m constantly getting encouragement from almost all of you. Not to mention, I’ve recruited all of you to keep my happy self on track for NaNoWriMo every year since I’ve met most of you. Most of you have gotten the mini run down of what has happened recently, and all, but it hasn’t been really fully explained, and I ususally don’t get to answer questions, because I’ve been having to pass out the little slips as quickly as I can without really getting to talk to each of you.


Everything is explained behind the more link:
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All right, February.

Like usual, I’m behind on something. And I do apologize for it to everyone.

On the forums, I had promised that I would start issuing a sort of present everything month. And, well, I never got my act together. Starting off 2013 deeply sick with the flu that’s been going around. Then, I added the second job, and managed to get a third job as well.

So, January was crazy. February is looking like it will be as well. But I have a slightly better plan for February, and hopefully, I can get back on track. The plan is below the cut…

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First post!

Hey lookie there. It’s HGL’s first post, and what is she doing?


Bullshitting around with it. Why? Because she’s too blasted brain dead from working all day to bother with a proper one.


And, because she is still about 4,000 words behind on her nanowrimo novel. She’s going to be playing catch up all day for the next two days, as she has the 14th off from work. She’s going to sleep part of the day, and then write her hands off.



Honestly, I expect a 5kday tomorrow, so you should probably check it out on twitter. I’ll be posting regular updates of my word count through twitter, and generally bugging a certain radio station to play my current favorite song.

Though, writing a blind character is proving to be really tough for me.