So, interestingly enough

Because of something I’m doing in about two weeks, I’m sitting here in my little office corner working on my proper author website. It’ll link to the blog here, rather obviously, but it will become the new homepage for the things that I do.

I look forward to actually having it up and ready to go, but it is taking me some time. I also have to write another bio for it, as well as take care of a couple of nifty little pages that I want to have online as well.

*raises a glass* Here’s to getting shit done!


I admit, I’m bad at getting together and writing blog posts and getting them posted.

Very bad at it. But, I am working on a few posts so hopefully, it won’t be quite so barren around here.

On that note, some interesting things to know:

I’ve purchased the cover for one of my stand alone books.

I’m planning on getting that same cover artist to do the art for the O’Mally’s Trilogy, which I had originally hoped to get to an editor within the next week for release near the end of July. That’s not happening now – because I can’t work out how I’d like to do one of the stories, and I’ve still got to finish the third.

And I’m going to start posting, hopefully once a week, maybe every other week, a question that I was asked for some of my characters. So, here we go!

Also, I’m hoping to do camp nanowrimo in July, so who’s with me?