Oh My God….

I just posted my website link actively on a facebook group.

This scares me a little. O.O

Anyway, a few things upcoming:

  • Food blog part, I’ve promised people that I’d start one.
  • a real honest to goodness post here. For reals.
  • and a timeline for a short story to be released.


I didn’t quite mean to fall off the planet again, but I went from relatively calm dual off days to working 6 days a week and having far too much to take care of in the 12 hours I had available to me on my lone day off.

Add into this chaos a visit from my parents, and needless I didn’t get anything done for Camp NaNo, I got far more stressed out than usual, and the last two weeks rather just sucked.


Anyways, I’ll be back on track within this next week. I have a little bit of stuff to take care of, but I should be able to get everything together to resume the weekly prompts.


And since I’ve been waiting for breakfast for 2 hours now, I’m going to vanish. My breakfast company is here finally! <3

So. There was an idea earlier in the last week

And, I’m not going to lie. It’s currently sitting in the drafts box, simply because I lost my train of thought on the topic, and I haven’t made it back to it yet.

My apologies. The Writing101 series of posts will start soon. Pretty much as soon as I get the hang of this whole working three jobs thing.

And, I’m also helping a writing friend get their stuff together to have an online platform, so check him out at  bradleyharriswrites.com !!


<3 AD