So… Hi March, bye March, Hullo April…

Why am I not all the surprised that I fell off the planet for the month of march?

Long slightly ramble-y post will be long and ramble-y.

For one, Spock passed away the day after my last post. It took me a week to process that. And, at the same time, a friend gave me something new to fangirl over, and I pretty much spent the month of march being a dorky fangirl, while managing to score a couple of weeks worth of decent hours.

So I’ve tagged a few things on this post and I’ll make sure if you just want to read about one thing, you’ll be able to find it with ease. (Look for it in orange. You’ll find it.)

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Since I’ve realized…

That I am really bad about blogging on a theme, I’ve decided to just blog about me being me.

I’ll cover topics like: writing (both things I think about on writing and my actual writing), health, normal and/or unusual hair colors (and taking care of one’s hair if one does that stuff), those weird occasions that I do makeup for serious, crafting, pintrest projects, some of my reactions to real world events, food (though I should be managing to keep that over on ‘& the Scribe Cooks’), living with a few different mental issues, struggling with what I’ll call the Hoarder’s syndrome (my family are all hoarders – my mother is just the neatest of them – I’m fighting to not turn fully into one), and just the various things I think of.

Hopefully, this will be interesting, and it won’t piss anyone off too much. (I need to pull a ton of pictures off my phone for this, ye gods.)

On that note, today I’m being crafty while I’m doing the rewrite of O’Mally’s Station so I can get it to the submissions editor by midnight friday. I’m hoping to have it beta read tonight, (I’m really behind on that – I’d meant to have it to my beta tuesday morning early), and emailed to the editor sometime during the afternoon/evening friday.

Today’s crafty fun begins behind the cut:

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Holiday, Feburary, Year of Writing Update

Happy Valentine’s Day, even though it is a day late. (YAY! HALF PRICE CANDY DAY.)

Okay, so Feburary hasn’t been that good of a month for me on writing.

I’ve literally been in a downswing on the mood all month, and haven’t felt like doing much of anything. Unless I’m hopped up on an energy drink.

So I drank one at the beginning of the 13 hour shift that I have tonight, and so far I haven’t felt my usual round of hyper-crazy. This saddens me a little, but I think I know how I’m going to get shit accomplished this upcoming week.

I’m 19k words behind on Feb alone. YTD, I’m nearly a month behind (right around 40.5k, to be precise). And that’s not even counting those days where I wrote but didn’t reach word count. *sighs* (ew. I just added in those days, and I’m more like 52.5K behind. Ew.)


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