About the Purrkids:

 photo both_2_zpsbee88fa4.jpg

Tsar Nicholas (silver tabby) and Laird Inkspot (black).

These two little guys arrived in my world Jan 15th 2013, and I’m beyond grateful for them. They are so much fun for me to have around, and sometimes they behave.
Most of the time, they are still silly kittens.
And when I sleep on the futon, they sleep with me.
Usually purring.
Which almost always makes me oversleep whatever alarm I’ve got set.

There is suspicion that they are part siamese, given how much they talk to me.
They like to stick their heads into running streams of water.
Inkspot will climb into the shower with me. Nicholas just sits on the counter and stares.
Neither one of them are happy if you shut the bathroom door in their faces.
My mother learned that the hard way.
Nicholas managed to open the door on her.
It was hilarious.
Nicolas also likes to sleep on her bag, whenever she and my dad visit.
He knows that she won’t touch him, and he does it to mark her as his.

Nicholas has a shoe/sock/foot fetish.
He’ll flomp on your feet.
He’ll sleep on your shoes.
He’ll steal your socks.
And when you least expect it, he’ll sniff your toes.

Inkspot follows everyone around, talking.
He’s a loudmouth.
He also is the reason I turn on the water in the tub when I brush my teeth.
He also likes candles.
He’s managed to burn his fur, but not himself.
No, he didn’t learn.